How to Use Time Wisely So That You Can Grow Your Wedding Business

How to Use Time Wisely So That You Can Grow Your Wedding Business

There is always so much to do. And as women, I think we have learned the “skill” of multi-tasking. I am guilty of it too. I might be brainstorming customer service ideas for my next bride while I am folding laundry, and running back and forth to the kitchen because I have food on the stove at the same time. Have you been there, or some situation like that? It’s crazy right? But that is not the best way to spend out time.

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Grab this Template, before we get started!

We may feel like we are getting more done, because we are getting everything done at the same time. But in actuality we are taking more time, to do them all together, then if we would separate each task and do them one by one.

Here are 4 easy tips to help you use your time wisely so that less time is wasted and you can get more things done in your home life, professional life, and wedding business.

  1. Stop multi-tasking. Trust me. It is slowing you down. Just do each activity one at a time. Then your brain can be lazer-focused on each task and can use less time and energy to get each task done.

  2. Use a timer for all important tasks. I do this with my makeup business. When I am planning social media, or writing blog posts I set a timer. I am all in during that time. Once the timer goes off that means it is time for me to check out as CEO and check in as wife and friend.

  3. Block schedule for the week. This has been my saving grace. I block out chunks of time for the most important things in my life on a weekly basis. Looking at the week from a birds-eye view allows me to find whole were I can be more productive and also keeps me from over scheduling myself on busy days.

  4. Over estimate the time by 50%. So if you think something will take 30 minutes, schedule it for 45 minutes. If you think something will take 1 hour, schedule it for 1.5 hours. This has has saved me SO, SO, SO many times in my physical therapy job. That way when things go as planned you have some bonus free time. And when things go a little crazy, your whole day doesn’t fall apart.

If you would like to see how I do my block schedule to make sure I have time for work, my wedding business, spiritual goals, time with my husband and exercise, than click below. You can get a sample block schedule and a blank schedule so you can make it your own.

How to Time Block Your Day So That You Aren't Overwhelmed

How to Time Block Your Day So That You Aren't Overwhelmed