How to Set Achievable Goals

How to Set Achievable Goals


It is that time of year when there is all sorts of chatter about goal setting. Many people like to, or a least, intend to, prepare and set goals for the upcoming year. But that can be an overwhelming task. We are already juggling a full time job and a side bridal business. Sometimes the thought of having another task to do seems like it might just put us over the edge. Then we know what can happen — NOTHING. We don’t end up setting goals -> we don’t end up having a plan -> our business isn’t as successful as it could be. :-(

Well my friend, here is an easy 3 step way to stop that habit and start a new habit of setting ACHIEVABLE goals. And I’m here to tell you, having goals that are achievable was a missing link that helped take my makeup business from hobby to business!


Step 1: Look Back

Yep, it’s true. We have to look at where we have been to know where we are going. How many weddings did you book? What types of clients did you work with. What did you charge for your services? Are you happy with these answers? Did you feel comfortable/stagnant/uninspired/motivated? How you did last year is like the starting line of the 100 yard dash. Side note, I was a sprinter in high school. The interesting thing about that race is how you finish has so much to do with how you come out of the blocks, AKA, how you start. So take about 10-15 minutes and jot down how you did last year, that is your starting point for this coming year.

Step 2: What Worked/What Didn’t

Ok, so you have your aerial view of your year. Now go back over the questioned I asked in step 1 and think about if those things worked for your business or didn’t work for your business. Then you have to dig a little deeper and ponder the WHY. For example: did you have a host of non-ideal clients? What was the cause? Could be your website copy, or your client experience, or lack there of. Did you hit your goals for the number of weddings booked? Why? Did you change your marketing? Don’t spend too much time on this, just be as objective as possible. Spend no more than 10-15 minutes on this step.

Step 3: Start Small

Now, you have a list of how your previous year went, what worked, what didn’t and why. And we are busy. We have a 9-5 and other obligations.. We want to set realistic goals. Let’s go back to the example of not having enough ideal clients. Here are some simple goals that can come from that and still have an impact on your business

  • I am going to write out and review my client experience so it is appealing to high-end brides. I will have this done by March 31st (Q1 goal)

  • I am going to book 3 high-end brides by June 30th (Q2 goal)

The Reward

Positive reinforcement is a powerful thing. If you do these 3 easy steps, and write 1 or 2 small goals you will feel so good. It feels much better to meet 2/2 goals than 2/10 goals, right? Then you get in the habit of meeting goals, and it makes you want to set more goals and push yourself a little more. That crazy cycle of not having goals or a plan will be out of the window! Check back for my next blog where I will show you how to make an easy plan for your simple goals!

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