3 Benefits to Having Accountability Partners

3 Benefits to Having Accountability Partners

There is so much value in having a partner - especially if it is for your side hustle. It is so lonely to go at this entrepreneurial journey alone! Also, it is so easy to get off topic or let life get in the way. After all, you do have a full-time job, and a life, among other things.


I have found the best accountability partners keep it real with you. They keep you honest by holding you accountable. They don’t push you, but they encourage you to push yourself, and when you say you are going to do something by a certain time, they hold you to that deadline you put for yourself.

There are a variety of ways they hold you accountable. If you guys chat on the phone you can do it that way. None of my accountability partners are local, so we usually text and use Voxer to hold each other accountable.

How We Do That

We usually hold each other to our 90-day goals, and then share our weekly goals (when we have them) and then check in on each other to make sure we are getting these things done.


This is the most valuable asset for me. I sometimes feel like I have so many ideas swirling around in my head. Do they all go together? Are they all over the place? Can I do them at the same time? Should I work them in a certain order? Talking this over with my partners has become invaluable for me. These conversations have helped shaped my offerings, my pricing, and my launches.

You can also bounce ideas off each other and get new ideas about new blog ideas, social posts, and collaborative ventures. You will get to a time when your partner(s) will know your business as much as you do but will be far less emotionally attached and way more objective. When you are making certain decisions and need to foster that creativity, sometimes that’s exactly what you need.

Celebration Corner

This is the fun part! Only your accountability partner (and the family you live with) really know how much time and effort you put into your business. So when you have a milestone, no matter how small it is, she will be racing to the rooftops to cheer you on! It feels so good to be able to speak to someone who gets the side hustling/time juggling act that is entrepreneurship for those of us with 9-5’s. And we win, we all win!

Where To Find Accountability Partners?

If you are looking for some accountability partners you might find some in the THRIVE for Creatives Group!

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