Interview with a Fellow Side Hustler

Interview with a Fellow Side Hustler

Have you ever felt lonely as a side hustler? Or as an online business owner? YES! We all have. I have found being apart of memberships, or online communities has really helped me. They have been a place where I could air my frustrations, get ideas and make friends.

Here is Erin Daniel. I met her in an online community and we have really hit it off. I wanted to chat with her about her perspective as a side hustler.

Hi Erin. What is your full-time gig?

I honestly feel that hustling is my full-time gig. I work my oily business the majority of the time but I also run a photography business as well.

I’m an essential oil educator, and I teach busy women how simple it is to incorporate essential oils into their daily lives. My goal is to inspire them to live a life of beauty and wellness, by using plant-based products that are good for them and their families.

As for my photography business, I’m a teen/senior and family photographer in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. I have a heart and passion for teens because they are our future and I believe they deserve extra special attention. I love speaking life into them and encouraging them. My favorite part of our session is towards the end because their confidence comes alive, and that’s where the best images are documented.

I would say that I’m definitely a “beach” photographer, that is hands down my favorite location to shoot!

Ok. Then what is your side hustle?

My side hustle would definitely be blogging and social media! I just mean that social media is a “side hustle” because I have to show up on it every day to grow my business. Especially my oily business! Consistently is key when selling a product because I have to “sell” me first. I often times feel that this a hustle on its own because I’m growing a community and gaining the trust of my audience.

What is your biggest struggle being a side hustler?

My biggest struggle with hustle is staying on task...and focusing on one task at a time.

What did you do to stay on task and focus?

I have started implementing time blocking, where I only work on certain tasks during certain times of the day. This has definitely helped me! It provides me the freedom I crave, but also the structure I need.

Do you have any other struggles that you are currently dealing with?

Managing mom life and work at home life is hard. I home school my kids, so it’s easy for my day to all blur together.

Wow, Erin you definitely have a full plate. Do you have a support system?

My support system is definitely my hubby...but I also find great support in the Hampton Roads Creative Network & Shine the Light Society! (Both of these are hosted by Elizebeth Henson.

If you would like support and friendship like this, you should consider the THRIVE to Freedom program. Doors open July 17th, 2019.

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